The Zilberhaar Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been quite a year. And as the year comes to a close, we’re thinking about the gifts we want to get for our loved ones. In this article you’ll find some of our favorites gift ideas, both from us and others. You’ll see our favorite gifts under $20 and under $50 so you can look by budget. Everything from beard brushes to a secret essential bathroom item to must-have gadgets, here’s some inspiration for your holiday shopping! 

Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen a large increase in our online orders both directly on our website and on Amazon. So we encourage you to order now if you want to pick up any of our products as gifts if you want to be sure to receive them by Christmas. 

Gifts under $20

Regular Brush - Zilberhaar

The brush that started it all, the OG brush. Our Regular Brush is our desert island beard care product, the brush that keeps your beard healthy, happy, and handsome. Use it daily to encourage a healthy beard and skin. 

BUY - €17,99


Beard oil with free comb - Zilberhaar

Our beard oil is another best-selling product to keep your beard healthy and moisturized. Even better, we’re currently shipping it with a free comb. Because the oil doesn’t shine (pun intended) if you don’t brush or comb, too! 

BUY - €14,99


Beard shampoo - Horace

GQ recommends this beard shampoo by French brand Horace and so do we. It’s natural, effective, and all-around great. Bonus points for the company’s green initiatives. 

BUY - 13

Beard Balm - Bulldog

A good beard balm is a great way to round out your beard care routine. We like Bulldog Beard Balm. It’s usually easy to find, affordable, and does a great job. 

BUY - $9.99

Sunscreen - Supergoop

Good facial care also includes protecting your skin from the sun, especially if you’re in a sunny place like LA or Sydney, or one of the lucky few who are going skiing this winter. We like the new American brand Supergoop. It feels great on the skin, is very protective, and also has a mild but very pleasant smell.

BUY - $32

Toilet Spray - Mask

Speaking of smells, one of the best life hacks we’ve gotten into lately is toilet spray. It helps cover those naturally occurring odors in the bathroom. While the Aesop Anti-Poo drops are great, we prefer the more affordable and still great-smelling Mask Toilet Sprays. 

BUY 3 Pack - $30

Brush Cleaning Tool

Our brush cleaning tool is one of our fastest selling product currently, and a great item for keeping your beard brushes clean. It’s a great stocking stuffer for the man who has everything else! (If you can’t find it on our website, try Amazon!)

BUY - $13.99

Gifts under $50

Beard Brush Gift Set - Zilberhaar 

If you buy one thing as a gift on this list, it might need to be this. Our Beard Brush Gift Set includes a Regular Beard Brush, a Pocket Beard Brush, and a Brush Cleaning Tool all packed up in a luxury gift box, ready to be given to a lucky recipient! It also comes with stiff or soft bristles for whichever you prefer. 

BUY - €34,99

Brush and Oil Gift Set - Zilberhaar

If you don’t get the above, this might be the one for you. This Gift Set includes a Pocket Beard Brush, a 1oz-bottle of Beard Oil Beard Oil №1, a beard cleaning tool, also boxed up in a luxury gift box. 

BUY - €34,99

Men’s Hair Brush - Zilberhaar 

If you have hair on your head, too, you should get a great boar’s hair brush to stimulate the same healthy hair and scalp you’ve got going on downstairs– no, we’re talking about your beard. Well, you’re in luck, we have the Major Hair Brush and it’s perfect for your hair. 

BUY - €35,99

Beard Scissors - Dovo Beard & Moustache Scissors

When it comes to precision trimming of your beard, we love Dovo’s beard scissors. They’re on another level compared to the competition and are also made in Germany like Zilberhaar so the build is top-notch. 

BUY - $48

Beard Trimmer - Wahl Beard Trimmer

Our choice for best beard trimmer is the classic Wahl Ion+. If you’re in the market for a beard trimmer, this’ll serve you very well. As the most used tool in beard care, the trimmer is not a place where you want to go cheap. Invest in a great trimmer like this one and it will pay off in dividends. 

BUY - $71.69

Body Trimmer - Panasonic Trimmer

If you prefer to keep your body hair trimmed, it’s a very good idea to use a device made specifically for that. We like this Panasonic slimline Trimmer and it’s received rave reviews.
BUY - $49.99

BONUS: Our Favorite Board Game - Ticket to Ride 

The most engaging board game we’ve played in a while (also available in app form) is Ticket to Ride. It’s been a hoot for our families and friends. Straightforward to play but plenty of strategy involved. 

BUY - (price varies)

Need more ideas? 

Just in case you need more gift ideas (we have to remind ourselves that there is a world beyond great beards and beard care) here are our go-to guides we’re using this holiday season. Lots of great stuff in these! Happy shopping. 

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