The Coolest Movember Moments

It’s the month of Movember when men around the world sport mustaches to raise awareness and funds for men’s health causes. After writing about the history of Movember last week, we want to share the coolest Movember Moments, from giant sand sculptures to styling rides to near-streaking. No doubt, they’ve gotten a lot of attention for pulling off some truly impressive stunts! Read on to find out the top Movember moments.

1. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 

distinguished gentlemen ride

On one day each year, motorcyclists around the world gather dressed in their Sunday best to raise funds for men’s health projects. What began in Australia in 2012 is now an annual event drawing motorcyclists from over 700 cities to participate. 

2. World’s largest mustache-shaped sand sculpture 

giant moustache movember

October 30, 2011 was the day the world witnessed the creation of the world’s largest ever sand sculpture mustache. Constructed on Bondi Beach, this 270-ton 25-meter long spectacle was indeed the worlds largest – and perhaps only – sand sculpture mustache observed by The Guinness Book of World Records. 

3. The Cerne Abbas Giant (Or a Giant Mustachioed Crop Circle-Type Figure) 

cerne abbas moustache

This ancient outline of a man on a hillside in Dorset, UK was given a new style in 2013 for the month of November, to the surprise of many locals. While the origins of the original chalk drawing measuring 55 meters tall is a mystery, the mustache was sanctioned by the local caretakers and removed after the month. 

4. The Moscars

medal for movember

Started in 2010, The Moscars is Movember’s own awards ceremony for Mo’-inspired videos made by Mo Bros and Sisters. What’s cool about the Moscars is that Movember Bros and Sisters participate to vote for which video they think should win the first, second, and third prizes (which are pretty impressive). Another way to compete is to raise donations and then track how you’re doing on their leaderboard

5. “Against The Wall” Street Art Show

cartoons for movember

In 2018 Movember partnered up with Soethby’s and nine world-renown street artists including Shepard Fairey and D* Face to put on a show to use art to raise awareness for men’s health. Proceeds from the show at Soethby’s London galleries went to various Movember initiatives. 

6. The Undie Run 

the undie run

The Undie Run is just about what it sounds like: a bunch of guys get together and go for a run in the middle of November. It takes a certain amount of confidence to run in nothing but your briefs and sneakers through the middle of New York City or Los Angeles. Movember had their first Undie Run last year, partnering with Saxx underwear to host the event. 

7. The Most Dapper Qantas Plane 

movember dapper plane

And of course there was that time in 2011 when Qantas slapped a mustache onto one of their jets! Looking good. They also installed a giant mustache in the Melbourne Domestic Airport to raise further awareness. 


Of course, the *coolest* Movember moments have been the organization raising millions of dollars to support thousands of men’s health causes. 

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