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Sometimes, our products get picked up by journalists and product reviewers around the world. When they do, and they see the quality we put into making them, we’re obviously happy. Below are some of those news mentions that we found. We’ve also put the links to the source articles for your reading.

By David Notis

Everything I Use...

Everything I Use to Keep My Beard Perfectly Groomed

“Of all the beard products I bought, this is by far my favorite. It might not seem necessary, but brushing every day helps exfoliate the skin, and “train” the hairs to grow in a more uniform direction. (Redditors can tell you how important it is.) The German-made ZilberHaar has bristles made of boar’s hair, but if that creeps you out, other companies make brushes with synthetic bristles. For me, boar’s hair is the traditional — and best — choice. Note that it comes in two bristle strengths: “firm” and “soft.” I’d recommend the soft for short beards and the firm for longer beards. This would make a great gift for anyone with a beard. (Editor’s Note: I can now say from experience that this does make an excellent gift. I’ve gifted three to various friends since writing this, and it’s always a hit).

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By Avidan Grossman

The Best Beard Brushes...

The Best Beard Brushes to Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Its Best

“If you're not entirely sure about the type of brush to buy (and all this technical talk about bristle length is starting to make you nervous) invest in ZilberHaar's highly feted all-around brush, ideal for almost every type of beard, burgeoning or otherwise. Beard enthusiasts (an ever-influential lobby) tend to rave about ZilberHaar online, and the precisely engineered—yes, engineered—German products don't disappoint.”

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By Megan Gustashaw

...the Best Beard of Your Life

15 Grooming Products for the Best Beard of Your Life

“The Itch-Fixing Beard Brush: If you don't invest in one of these puppies you're bearding wrong. The feeling of running a hand-crafted, boar-bristle brush through your itchy AF beard is straight-up euphoric. This particular one comes highly recommended by beard bloggers and Amazon reviewers alike.”

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By The Editors

What the Editors Bought

The Strategist Haul: What the Editors Bought in December

I feel I write about this beard brush way too much, but I can’t help it. It’s great. Made in Germany. Pear wood handle. Soft boar’s hair. What more could you want? I used one during my two months with a beard when I bought a year’s worth of beard grooming products for myself, and now I get my fix through buying them as gifts for other bearded people. It’s just such a slam dunk of a gift. I bought one as a “Secret Santa” gift for a bearded friend and he loved it.

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By Bryan Holt

Why You Should use...

Why You Should Use a Beard Brush and the 7 Best Beard Brushes to Buy

A brush for your beard is not the same as using your partner’s brush or even your own hair brush (for you long-haired fellas). Owning a quality beard brush is an essential part of keeping your beard hairs tamed, softened, and ultimately looking its best. There are beard brushes and then there are the best beard brushes.

ZilberHaar’s boar bristle beard brush sports a beautiful pearwood handle that offers the strength and stamina you need to pull all the way through your waterfall of whiskers. The boar bristles help for conditioning and exfoliating your skin, giving even the thickest beards a healthier appearance. Brushing also helps to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and itchiness. And, if for some reason the ZilberHaar beard brush doesn’t fit your fancy, they’ll provide you with a full refund for your troubles. That alone speaks volumes to how much confidence the brand has in its beloved beard brush.

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By Chris Martin

... essential oil to tame hair

Best beard oil 2019: essential oil to tame facial hair

Unscented beard oil might be a great choice for some beard owners and ZilberHaar provides a carrier oil that’s made from high-quality ingredients - namely Argan and Jojoba. This also comes with a free beard comb.

Essential oils can be expensive so this keeps the cost down. It’s a great choice if essential oils result in skin irritation or you would like to add your own to create a unique scent.

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Quality Beard Care

By Garrett Munce

How to Grow Your First Beard...

How to Grow Your First Beard Just Like Zac Efron

“To stimulate growth and maintain thickness, don’t use a beard comb, which puts too much tension on the hair,” says Conrad. “Use a flat-bristled brush with natural bristles like a beard brush or barber brush. It will stimulate the blood flow around the follicles which means healthier, shinier, thicker hair and it will help to distribute the natural oils to keep the beard well conditioned.” Brushes also help exfoliate the skin underneath without the use of harsh scrubs which can dry out your skin further. “Regularly using a good oil and a brush will help keep the skin moisturized and healthy and won’t strip your skin with harsh ingredients,” he says.

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By Barret Wertz

Best beard brush: Vegan

Not into using real boar head brushes? Try this vegan-friendly option from one of the biggest beard brush brands out there: ZilberHaar. Tampico fiber stands in for boar bristles since it’s a stiff cactus plant fiber extracted from the agave plant leaves. Paired with walnut wood—a hard, dense, and tight-grained wood prized by woodworkers for its strength—we would go as far as to guess that if we didn’t tell you this was cruelty-free and Earth-friendly, you might have never known.

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I love

Brushing my beard

"I like to get lost between the scents of pear wood and the natural oils that I use to manage my beard. The large natural bristles add a great touch during brushing and I do it best with this wonderful brush by ZilberHaar."

– Davide Tusa

Top 10 Personal Care Products

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"Tajmeeli reviewed a wide variety of men's products offered by the most trusted international brands, which provide every man with complete care and ensure that he always enjoys a more attractive look."

Mahmoud Hussien

Unique dual purpose design

Smooth on the beard

Checkout the classic Zilberhaar Slanted brush.. it's so smooth on the beard.. it's unique design makes it dual purpose - one side to exfoliate and the other to tame the beard..
Ashok Raj