Get a beard brush.

Dandruff problems? 
Beard itch?
Ingrown hairs?
A good beard brush is enough.

A Simple Routine

Brushing changes everything

Growing a beard can be infinitely annoying, especially when the itch begins to set-in. One is often tempted to drown the itch in beard oil. But there’s a much easier remedy - brushing. Specifically brushing with a stiff boar bristle brush. It penetrates beneath the beard and not only alleviates the itch but fixes the problem at its root. 

To understand how beard itch and flaky beards happen, read more below.


Trapped Skin cells

Skin cells constantly need to be replaced. When one shaves these skin cells get removed daily. However when growing a beard they tend to get trapped beneath the beard and reside towards the base. The dead skin cells trapped beneath your beard need to be exfoliated to help your skin stay healthy and promote stronger beard growth. When brushing one’s beard the bristles are designed to penetrate through the facial hair and help remove these cells which helps the your beard grow and reduce the risk of skin irritations beneath your beard. This assists greatly in reducing beard itch.

Stimulate growth

The Sebaceous Gland

As you brush your beard with a stiff brush this activates the sebaceous glands to produce oils that help hydrate your skin. The sebum (natural oil produced by sebaceous gland) is secreted at the base of the hair growth and is essential to the growth of the beard and keeping the skin hydrated thus reducing the dry skin and flaky beard issues which in turn cause beard itch. Stimulating your skin with a stiff brush is an important grooming routine that is essential to promoting a healthy beard growth and reducing the beard itch phenomenon that happens when one grows a beard.

Itch and dandruff free

Clean skin and healthy beard

The result of good beard care, washing, hydrating and brushing one’s beard leaves your face clean and free from any debris that might have accumulated at the base of your beard. The essential part of a healthy beard is ensuring the hair grows right in the first place. Once hair is grown it doesn’t change much no matter the oils one adds. Hence the most important part of beard care is at the base, where the hair grows. As you brush your beard frequently your face is kept clean and beard can grow comfortably, with the added benefit of healthy natural oils being distributed properly.