Quality Beard Care at Affordable Rates

The economy of high quality is, If it is done right the first time it doesn’t need to be redone. It’s a very German way of life and is quite obvious when growing up in Germany. Things are done thoroughly and while it may seem more expensive, in the long run it is actually cheaper.

With that as a background for craftsmanship and decisions in general, ZilberHaar was born. How to make a line of beard care products that would be of high quality and durability to withstand the “abuse” of daily use in a bathroom, car or office.

Thus began the search for what would be the best quality and yet remain affordable. Handmade was surely the best, but at $150 plus per brush it wasn’t going to be affordable. After a lot of searching for the right manufacturing partners - and being German, we found a family run brush maker in the Black Forest that could produce exactly what we wanted both in terms of quality, friendliness and price.

German quality with a touch of Paris

zilberhaar co-founder

Unlike many other beard care brands, ZilberHaar was founded by Anica Kath a wife and mother of two.

Anica, a German native and her husband, a French, created ZilberHaar in Paris. Beards became part of Anica’s life many years ago she wanted to find a way to help care for them. She began to study skin and hair growth to understand how beards grow.

To care for hair most of the work is done before the hair grows - at the skin and root level, having a healthy skin promotes healthy hair and beard growth. And while there are many things one can do to improve the skin, the most elementary action isn’t to add layers above, but remove what is not helping.

This lead to researching into brushing, many young girls remember getting their hair brushes with boar bristle brushes to enhance the growth of their hair. This same principle applies to beards.

She then began looking into where the best quality brushes were made, with good materials, a guarantee of no synthetic products being added (unless specified).

This is what led to ZilberHaar and why our brushes are made in Germany and always with the same family owned manufacturers who have been making brushes for over four generations.

It so happens that brushing one’s beard is also the easiest way to care for the beard. Many other actions can be done - but brushing, something very few men did, was relatively rare. Especially for the men growing a casual beard.

Today, we’re proud to be amongst the best beard brush makers, but we realize there are still millions of men who need to discover the world of beard care.

They are the ones who deserve to discover ZilberHaar.