The Simple Guide to Keeping Your Beard Healthy In The Winter

We often prefer to think of beards as the low maintenance style option. Many of us like to have a “casual beard” rather than shave every day. But having a beard is not no maintenance. In the winter the colder, drier weather can easily dry out your hair and skin, and the harsh conditions can cause your beard to look scraggly and lifeless. 

The good news is that it’s very easy to keep your beard feeling healthy and looking good. Build these five steps below into your routine and you’ll quickly forget you’re even doing them. You’ll probably get a few compliments along the way, too. 


Brush your beard

When keeping your beard healthy this winter, the most important (and low maintenance!) thing you can do is brush it daily. Like this guy above certainly does. And now that we’re all wearing masks, it’s even more important to keep the hairs fresh and healthy. Most people think of applying oil as the first thing when their beard itches, but brushing will actually help more long-term. How does it work? Brushing helps hydrate the skin by activating the sebum. Plus, if you’re using beard oil, it will evenly distribute the oil and keep your hands from getting too oily. 

Get a brush


Comb your beard (after wearing a mask)

In addition to brushing your beard each day, we recommend using a comb or gently brushing your beard after wearing a mask. Masks compress beard hair underneath and can cause irritation and stuffy conditions that make your beard sad. So give it a quick comb or brush to air it out after wearing a mask. 

Get a comb


Use a good beard oil

After brushing, regular use (thought not overuse!) of a good beard oil is key to great beard health in the winter. It keeps things hydrated and lustrous. We recommend using a comb in combination with the oil to evenly distribute it. 

Get some oil


Trim your beard

If you’re really growing out a beard, you can’t solely rely on your barber to keep it in shape. You want to maintain that look between barber visits. As GQ says, “Trimming a beard prevents flyaways, split ends, dryness, and dishevelment.” Basically, it will help your beard not only be healthier, but feel better and look better, too. There are plenty of good clippers and scissors out there. 

See our guide for ones we like. 


Stay hydrated 

Finally, this may seem unrelated but it’s a holistic measure that actually makes a big difference. If you’re properly hydrated each day, your skin and hair will also be better hydrated. If you take a step back it makes sense. So be sure to drink your 3 liters a day! 

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