Style Guide: Long Beard Styles

Rounding out our series in beard styles is our long beard style guide. These are the beards that many aspire to, that take time and patience, and draw praise from men and women near and far. 

Below we have examples of some of the most iconic long beard styles as worn by celebrities you probably know. We also have some tips on how you can style your beard to look like them, so keep reading for some key long beard styling tips. 

1. The Matthew Mcconaughey Beard

Turns out the much-beloved Matthew Mccaunaghey is not just a great actor, but he’s a great beard-grower, too. His beard isn't very dense. So to keep it looking full, the trick is to keep it "scraggly". Mccaunaghey's beard looks relaxed verging on scraggly, but it's never disheveled. A thin beard like this needs brushing for cleaning but not for straightening. The more straight the beard is the thinner it will look. So keep is nice and fluffy and use a good pair of scissors to shape it. It takes some work but it can be done. 


2. The James Harden Beard

The NBA star James Harden is known for his moves on the court– He’s the only player to have scored at least 30 points against every team in a single season, for instance. But a close second thing for which he is known would definitely be his beard. There was even a special edition “Weird Beard" sour bite candy made in his honor. The secret to a Harden beard? Lots of patience to let it grow out, then keeping it shaped up with regular scissor sculpting once in shape. Best move? Be good friends with your barber!

3. The Nick Offerman Beard

Nick Offerman, best known for playing Ron Swanson in the serie Parks and Recreation, has become somewhat of an icon of masculinity. He’s known for his humor, woodworking chops (see what we did there?), and his woodsy facial hair. Most often, he’s found with a long beard that is well groomed and handsomely showcases his salt and pepper beard hair.


4. The Russell Brand Beard

Russell Brand is another bearded comedian who today, is as known for his popular self-help podcasts, books, and other work as he is for his acting work. Notice the cheekline trim that continues to the chin? It's the little things that make a big beard look good. Brand is a guy who consistently sports a formidable beard to go with his long hair and casual attire, and it has become somewhat of a signature look at this point.


5. The Sebastien Chabal Beard 

When some think of long beards they say it reminds them of a caveman look. The French rugby star Sebastien Chabal is living proof that the caveman beard can look great! So much so that his nickname “The Caveman” and his associated look won him many a sponsorship and commercial deals in his day. Because of his former job as a rubgy player, Chabal's caveman look was good for intimidating opponents. We'd advise to shape your beard, starting with the cheeks, then the mustache, then the rest. Keeping those details under control will make a difference. 


6. The Kristofer Hivju Beard

The Norwegian Actor Kristofer Hivju might be best known for his role as Tormund in Game of Thrones, but either way both the actor and character have perhaps the most iconic ginger beard in recent memory. These denser beards require good shampoo and conditioning. With a long dense beard like this your brush doesn't get to the roots to exfoliate your skin especially in the neck area (cheeks and face should still be fine). So ensure you get to clean off unwanted debris and dandruff from under there and avoid building a beard itch

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