Style Guide: Medium Beard Styles

Today we're looking at medium length beard styles. Medium length beards are generally about balance. They take a different type of maintenance than a short beard because you don’t have to trim them as often, but they do require some care. While a short beard doesn’t really need beard oil, a medium beard does so the skin underneath can stay moisturized and healthy. You’ll also definitely want to brush it regularly. 

For a medium beard, a good pair of scissors are handy. We think you should opt for serrated blade scissors since the small serrations in the blade help ensure the hairs don't glide off the scissor when trimming. And a medium beard requires some care especially on the sides, neckline, and cheek, which can grow out of control, so trimming the sides is quite important. 

Below find some inspiration for iconic medium length beards so you can grow your own in style. 

OK, let’s jump in!


1. The Oscar Isaac Beard

One of the most acclaimed actors of the era, Oscar Isaac’s star is still rising. We think at least a small part of his success is thanks to the dashing beard he sometimes sports. From his scraggly beard-buzz combo in Ex Machina to his rugged beard in the upcoming Dune film, Isaac is a good example of the versatility of a medium length beard. 

2. The Donald Glover Beard

Donald Glover, otherwise known as Childish Gambino, is certainly a multi-talented man. While he’s known for acting and making music, he’s also known to be a trendsetter and his beard is usually a big part of his look. Donald Glover’s beard is pretty low maintenance. It’s just about letting it grow to the right length, then keeping it shaped up with regular trimming. 


3. The Hugh Jackman Beard

Yes, Wolverine’s distinct beard is nice. Great, in fact (is it a beard or are they sideburns?). But Hugh Jackman’s regular beard when not playing the superhero is darn fine as well. The cool thing about Jackman’s beard is that he lets it get kind of rough around the edges, avoiding an overly clean line and instead going for a more rugged (yes maybe Wolverine-inspired) look. 


4. The James Franco Beard

In our previous post we wrote about how Keanu Reeves embraces his patchy beard for a flattering look. James Franco also leans into his natural beard growth, which is fuller around the mustache and chin. He uses these areas as the anchors for the rest of his beard styling, adjusting length as needed. 


5. The John Krasinski Beard

Since John Krasinski branched out from beyond The Office, he’s used his style to distance himself from schoolboyish Jim into more adult characters. No doubt his beard has been a big part of this. And in his award-winning film, A Quiet Place, he really went for it with his lumberjack beard fitting the post-apocalyptic setting perfectly. 


6. The Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

While Leo is usually clean shaven on-screen, off-screen he often sports a more relaxed look with a casual beard. Yet he usually styles his beard to enhance it’s natural growth. In short, turning a bug into a feature. For example more length at the chin, and a naturally low line along the jaw. Then he’ll let the length vary, anywhere from a stubble goatee to a French beard to a full-on beard. Have to say we’re a fan of it all! 

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