Remedying Itchy Beard After Wearing a Mask

When wearing a mask it is quite common to experience discomfort and itchiness on ones beard. The reason for this is that the mask presses the hairs in towards the skin, the "sharply" cut beard hairs then press in against the skin and cause the itchy beard discomfort. 

This is similar to but different from regular beard itch which we wrote about a few times before (also see our more extensive explainer page about beard itch remedy).  

What is happening to your beard in addition to the pressure of the sharp edged hairs pushing against your skin and causing the itch is that your beard is also suffering from excess humidity. In usual circumstances the air lets the humidity evaporate. But the mask blocks the evaporation.  

beard itch and dry skin quote for itchy beard

The immediate conclusion when one has itchy skin, scalp, beard etc is to add cream or oil. We've been taught that itch = dry, when it comes to your beard, that's wrong. 

The real remedy for beard itch both instant relief and long term remedy is brushing. Sounds counterintuitive right? The thing is brushing isn't just to straighten or shape one's beard. In fact a comb is probably better for that. 

Brushing with a stiff boar bristle brush is designed to get beneath your beard and massage your skin. This causes the instant relief. It also helps dry your beard and remove the humidity that has accumulated while wearing your mask. 

And at the same time it stimulates your skin to produce natural oil to protect your skin and grow a healthier beard. 


Itchy Beard Quick Relief in 3 Steps

1. Air out your beard with your hand

Once you can remove your mask run your hand through your beard to air it out and fluff it up a bit - don't itch just fluff it up. 

2. Sooth the itch with a brush

Using a stiff or soft beard brush, sooth the itch by brushing your beard with the grain through. This provides instant itchy beard relief without the need to add products and make your beard all oily.

Pocket brush

Stiff  •.  Soft

Great for having with you in your pocket, in your car, at the desk, office, jacket etc. 

Regular brush

Stiff  •.  Soft

Excellent for morning routine, also usable in the car and desk as it is only a little larger. 


Check out our article on which beard brush is right for you.

3. With a comb shape it as needed

Using your comb, shape your beard as needed to get it to look just right. 


These simple steps will help provide you with instant relief for your itchy beard. Without the need to carry a whole bunch of products with you. And as some readers pointed out, without making your beard and face into a slippery mess. 

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