Making a ZilberHaar Beard Brush

The art of crafting a great beard brush is one mastered by a few. As producers of one of the best beard brushes we pride ourselves in working with the some of the best brushmakers in the world.

We thought we’d share a bit about how a great beard brush is made.

Crafted in the Black Forest of Germany, this is important for the quality of the wood, the pear-wood we use is all from renewable sources and being in the forest (literally) the transport of the lumber doesn’t cost mother nature as much.

The wood comes in in large blocks where it is verified for quality and grain.

Uncut pearwood for beard brush

It then gets cut into smaller units that can be machined into handles for the brush.

cut blocks of wood beard brush making

Once it is cut intro handles it goes through a long sanding process where the handles are tumbled to remove any rough edges. After the machine tumbling is done, each brush is hand sanded to ensure everything was taken care of.

milling a beard brush

The brush handles are then oiled for protection and for feel. We specifically don’t lacquer our brush handled as the natural wood is much nicer on the touch plus for people with longer beards, it doesn’t generate as much static electricity.

The boar bristles arrive in bundles and are tested for quality and authenticity.

They are then plugged (technically called tufted) into the wooden handle and tested again. Over time it is quite normal for individual bristles to fall out, but if an entire plug falls out that would be a reason to return the brush.

Afterwards they are printed or engraved, then packaged and shipped.

Our packaging has a fine coating to protect the brush from humidity and keep the oiled wood contained.

A few things to note, the brush bristles are intentionally irregular, they are never cut after they’ve been plugged to keep the irregular bristles which allows them to get through the beard and exfoliate the skin beneath them.

A good beard brush well kept, should outlast even the oldest beards.

To take care of your brush, wash it under lukewarm water with a mild handsoap and immediately let it dry - bristles down. Visit our Care page for more on that. 

It’s good idea to oil it with your beard oil when it’s dry to keep the wood from drying out. Oil it with your beard oil, but always when it is fully dry.

Beard on!

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