How to Give a Beard Brush as a Gift

When asking ZilberHaar buyers about their purchases it turned out that a large percent of those buying a beard brush were doing it as a gift for a friend or loved one.

But unless the receiver has been growing their beard for a while, most people don’t know what a beard brush is and what it does. So receiving a beard brush as a gift can start an awkward conversation that starts something like “Is my beard unkept?”. And from there it’s an upstream battle.

So how does one give a beard brush as a gift? (see our other article why beard brushes are the best gift).

Before they open the package tell them that it is something that will surprise them. Something that you’ve read about and apparently does wonders to beards.

You can refer to this review from NYMag’s David Notis.

“Of all the beard products I bought, this is by far my favorite. It might not seem necessary, but brushing every day helps exfoliate the skin, and “train” the hairs to grow in a more uniform direction. (Redditors can tell you how important it is.) The German-made ZilberHaar has bristles made of boar’s hair, but if that creeps you out, other companies make brushes with synthetic bristles. For me, boar’s hair is the traditional — and best — choice. Note that it comes in two bristle strengths: “firm” and “soft.” I’d recommend the soft for short beards and the firm for longer beards. This would make a great gift for anyone with a beard. (Editor’s Note: I can now say from experience that this does make an excellent gift. I’ve gifted three to various friends since writing this, and it’s always a hit).”

Then you can go on to explain how major magazines like GQ and others even refer to beard brushes as heaven sent.

This will already set the conversation.

Then once they open the gift and they wonder what this little thing is about, tell them you’ve read some reviews online and it seems like this little thing is almost miraculous in beard care.

This review from Suzie on Amazon kind of says a lot:

“My guy didn't know he needed a beard brush until he got one! He had a beard for years but most of those years it was close cropped. Once he decided to let it grow longer the beard brush was a must. He's really happy with your brush and wonders why he didn't get it sooner.”

This should have you all set.

And in a few weeks when you ask about it (if you need to) you’ll be hearing all kinds of great things because in all honesty brushing one’s beard is really an excellent way of keeping one’s beard (and skin) in great shape.

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