Can one Replace Shaving with Brushing?

There are so many reasons to grow a beard. Everyone has their own. And while most people grow beards because it just look great, some grow it because they just don’t like shaving. We could call it an “I Hate Shaving” beard or as we like to call it, a “Casual Beard”.

For years we’ve seen the “clean shaven look” being the defacto model of a well groomed man. But more recently a well groomed beard shows a whole new type of man. Someone who cares for their face and style.

Grooming an “I Hate Shaving beard”

The “I have shaving” beard doesn’t mean it looks like a mess. Nobody wants to look like they don’t care, so after growing one’s beard as an act of rebellion most people realize they need to start grooming their beards.

The most basic beard grooming is brushing. Not just because it makes a beard look nice - but because it helps clean the skin and beard.

The next most important beard grooming routine is beard oil. This helps keep the skin hydrated.

Trimming That Beard

There are three mistakes when trimming an “I Hate Shaving” beard. The first is not trimming at all and the second is trimming everything at the same length the third is trimming the neckline to a “sharp cut”.

There are some simple principles we advise to anyone growing a beard.

  1. Trim it, one a week or every other week depending on length and hair growth.

  2. Trim in layers. The neck is shorter, the chin and chops a little longer and the sideburns shorter again.

  3. Make sure the neckline isn’t a sharp cut - it should be fade out.

  4. Keep the cheeks clean. If not ensure a sharp cut - which is what works for most people - then a carefully crafted shape.

Trimming is not Shaving

Trimming one’s beard isn’t the same as shaving. It’s a once a week routine at best, which takes about 15 minutes. You can put more time if you want but try and keep it short.

Replace Shaving with Brushing

Instead of shaving, brush your beard at least once a day. Keep a brush at the office and/or in the car. Brush on your way to work - remember, this is the most basic beard grooming routine you should do. Don’t skip this step or you’ll get annoyed by beard itch and worse, ingrown hairs.

In summary

If you don’t like shaving, growing a groomed beard is a great alternative. If you take these simple steps to care for your beard.

And while we all want to be as comfortable as possible, remember that looks are not necessarily how it feels, but how people see you. You definitely want to ensure they see you as someone who cares.

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