A Beard as a Convenience

For many men, growing a beard is a passion that requires hard work. But for every passionate beard grower there are hundreds of men with beards who grow it for convenience rather than passion.

The morning routine is just so much faster when one has a beard. Trim it once a week and touch it up during the week. Rather than shaving every morning. And that’s OK because such a beard can look great. With some simple tips a “convenience beard” or a “casual beard” can look quite great.



Some of the best looking stars have been sporting such beards and the stylists, barbers and artists that work with them spend a lot of time making them look casual.

And while many will call them a stubble, we like to call them beards. Because looking good even with a short trimmed beard takes a bit of care. But a Casual Beard is not just for stars and models. It is the most common type of beard around.

The downside of “Convenience Beards”

The inconvenience of the casual beard is for others. The loved ones, the kids, the girlfriend, the wife and everyone who has to come close. Because those sporting such beards do it to save time, they forget that is isn’t comfortable those who have to kiss it.

Women and kids who have softer and often more sensitive skin particularly find it unpleasant. For some it can even lead to a rash - and that’s everything men don’t want.

However there is a way to softening one’s beard.

How Brushing helps

Brushing one’s beard with a stiff boar bristle brush is the most basic beard care, and that is especially true for short beards. In fact, we recommend replacing the shaving routine with brushing as the morning routine.

So if there is only one thing a man with a casual or convenience beard does on his morning routine, is brush his beard with a good boar bristle brush.

The stiff bristles of a boar bristle brush might seem like an aggression to the face at first. But what it is doing is stimulating the skin and hair follicles. Realize that the skin beneath a beard, even a stubble, gets less stimulation than a clean shaven face and thus can become prone to being more sensitive than the face of men who shave.

The action of brushing however helps activate the sebum glands of the skin all the while exfoliating the skin and removing particles that could clog the pores and which can cause ingrown hairs.

As the skin starts to develop the sebum this natural oil helps soften the beard and make it much more comfortable for others. So if there is only one thing a man with a casual or convenience beard does on his morning routine, is brush his beard with a good boar bristle brush.

Those who know, they know

Brushing one’s beard becomes a satisfying sensation, most men end up having several brushed, one at home, one in the car and one at the office. It just turns out, there is no better way to overcome a sudden itch, and quite importantly - it helps others.

Train your hair to go the direction you want it to while exfoliating your skin. I also use it on my short buzz cut. Excellent product. I highly recommend it.” — Avery


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