Brush Quality Control - Part 5 of 5


As ZilberHaar beard brushes are made of natural materials the quality control is a key part of the process. Natural materials are better for the environment, better for our health but pose a unique issue which is that nature never makes two of the same things.

Each handle is unique and each bristle too. So this means we need to manually check each brush to verify that the quality is uniform. Disclaimer, we do check each brush one by one but sometimes a bad one can slip through the system. However we have a pretty good quality guarantee and replace them quite rapidly.

Checking for Stray Bristles

quality boar bristle.jpg

Even though the brushes go through a trimmer in the last step to cut off any stray bristles, just like one’s beard, there are some that manage to escape.

With a micro serrated scissor, our quality control staff check each brush one by one carefully cutting off any remaining stray bristles.



Brushing Out Loose Bristles

boar bristle quality check.jpg

With a stiff brush, the boar bristle brush is vigorously brushed to brush out any loose bristles but also to test the quality of the tufting, any tuft that isn’t properly fastened will fall out immediately as this is tested multiple times.

When satisfied that the brush is of proper quality, that the oil is uniformly distributed in the wood, that the wood is properly sanded and all other quality control points. The brush can then be packaged.


Packaged and Ready to Ship

packaged beard brushes.jpg

The packaged brushes are stacked in boxes and are now ready to be shipped to the fulfilment centers in Europe and the USA where our stocks are held.

The packaging has a thin plastic lining which avoids the oil from being absorbed away from the brush.

To keep your brush in excellent quality, we’ve but a simple 5 step guide together for our customers that should help you keep it clean and oiled at all times.

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