Overcoming the Beard Itch, a simple solution

Every man who goes through the process of growing a beard knows about beard itch. It comes especially in the early stages of growing because the formerly clean cut hairs are now scratching a formerly clean shaven face.

The common reaction to this is to shave, or to throw a bunch of beard oil on one’s face. That’s because many people relate itch to dry skin and thus oil would be the immediate solution. But it’s not quite that simple.

Firstly, understand that it’s normal for the early beard growing to itch. Secondly dry skin beneath your beard (also known as flaky beards) happens. There are many reasons for that, many of which are dietary.

However when it comes to oils, the skin is designed to take care of itself. Sebum is the natural oil that the body produces to take care of the skin, it is the best oil for the skin - there just isn’t any oil you can add which can do a better job than what the body was designed to do.

To activate the sebum glands on your skin brushing your beard is the best solution.

The easiest solution to overcoming beard itch, is brushing with a stiff bristled beard brush. The bristles of a beard brush are designed to penetrate your beard and reach your skin. This acts as a massage for your skin and at the same time it exfoliates the skin of dead cells. While alleviating the itch!

While you can use any type of stiff bristled brush, getting a stiff beard brush is recommended. Not only is it more hygienic to use a brush for that (rather than a hair brush or worse, your partners brush), it’s also purpose designed.

Uneven bristles, stiffness of bristles, shape and much more, all this contributes to making a beard brush the ideal solution to overcoming beard itch.

So if you need an immediate remedy, take any brush you can find with natural bristles, the stiffer the better.

But at the same time, order a good beard brush. If you have Amazon prime you can probably get it by tomorrow.

man brushing beard to fix beard itch  

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