Long Beard Brush (Stiff)

€25,99 €35
  • Stiff Bristles
  • 8.6 Inches long
  • 74 tufts
  • 100% boar bristles
  • Oiled Pearwood


We ship to almost every country. Within Europe and the USA we use third party fulfilment services as much as possible to accelerate shipping time and reduce costs. Unfortunately we no longer ship to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, India, UAE and Israel, due to the high percentage of lost shipments. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

Some products that are out of stock in certain locations will be shipped from Europe to the location requested.

  • We can currently offer free shipping only to the EU and to the US. 


Shipping delays vary a lot by country and with the surge in global shipments in 2020 we've noticed a lower predictability on shipping delays. As a rule of thumb shipping is about 1 week within Europe and USA and 2-4 weeks outside of that. We ship using national post office with tracking numbers. 


All products are returnable for a full refund excluding the shipping costs, however return costs are at the charge of the customer. Returned empty oil bottles will not be refunded, it's cheaper for you (and the world) that you recycle your glass bottles locally. 


Our brushes have a standard warranty covering 1 year of regular use. This warranty can be extended to Lifetime Warranty by registering your purchase on our Warranty Registration page. 

The warranty covers the wood and bristles and assembly of the brush. When used for regular use. It does not cover misuse or lack of cleaning. We recommend you clean and oil your brush once a month. See our beard brush cleaning guide on how to keep your brush in great condition. 

This warranty does not cover beard oils. Just saying.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Randolphe Bell
Poor Quality and Customer service

I had to reach out via email over a month after I placed my order to see what the status was. I received no response however got a shipping notification a few days later. When I received the brush it had a crack in the side and the bristles smelled like a stinky animal. A stinky boar I'm assuming since they are boar bristles. The best way to describe it. Previous brushes did not have that smell and the small pocket brush that came with it did not either. Sent an email to customer service once again with pictures but have yet to receive a response 2 months later.

Barry Watkins
Great brush!

Great brush! The right size, easy to handle.

victor wilson

Just what I wanted and delivery to Australia arrived sooner than I expected.

Noah Kunkel
Good brush, but an unclear orign

The brush works pretty well, feels comfortable and hasn't lost just one single bristle to this moment (3 weeks, but I did'nt had to clean it to the moment, which probably is the hardest test - even if it's strictly done as in the instructions on this website). The price for the brush is high, but I expect that this is still a good deal if it is actually the last brush I ever had to buy. If it's not as durable as exspected, I have my life long warranty... so I feel relatively safe.

But one thing that confuses me is the orign of the brush. This company advertises extremely on the "Made in Germany" Image (the customers appear to be mostly Americans - even the German Version of the website is just a bad translation of the English one that appears to be made for Americans. No one in Germany or elsewhere in the world uses Inches 🤣). But even though I am a German, the shipping took a whole week or so and was sent from southern France near by Marseille. I don't care about the "Made in Germany", I only wanted a good brush. But however, this is ridiculous.

Ich weiß nicht, ob Lagerplatz in Frankreich einfach gerade günstiger war... oder ihr das strategisch so gemacht habt, je nachdem wo ihr die meisten Kunden habt. Ich fand es aus deutscher Perspektive einfach schon fast lächerlich wie stark ihr mit der Fertigung in Deutschland werbt trotz der... und dass die Sendung dann nichtmal aus Deutschland kommt, war dann nur die Krönung. 😂 Ich meine... 8,6 Inches? Ernsthaft? In der deutschen Version ist das ja nichtmal umgerechnet. Es wurde einfach nur das Wort Inch durch cm ersetzt (bei der Langhaarbürste wohl gemerkt). Als ob irgendjemand außer Amis mit der Maßeinheit etwas anfangen könnte...

Ioannis Kostoulas
Two words...