Your New Beard’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions have a way of letting us down. The problem is that they’re often hard to keep up with and we don’t see immediate results. Well, here’s an idea for you: Make an easy resolution that gives immediate results. You’re likely to get plenty of compliments on it, too. Not bad, right? We’re talking about a New Year’s Beard’s Resolution! 

The following steps are more of a “beard care cheat sheet” than a traditional resolution. Follow these steps in your regular grooming routine and your beard is certain to be happy, healthy, and stylish. 

It’s your New Year’s Resolution for a healthy, stylish, easy beard.  

1. I shall wash my beard at least twice a week 

Wash your beard in the shower with a gentle shampoo and conditioner to both clean the hairs as well as the skin underneath. Regular shampoo or soap may be too harsh for your beard so try something gentle and find what works best for you. And don’t wash too much either because you don’t want to dry your skin out. 

2. I promise to oil my beard at least once a week 

Keeping your beard and, importantly, the skin under your beard hydrated is one of the most important aspects of beard care and using a quality beard oil regularly is the first step in that. Each day or 2-3 times a week depending on your needs and weather/seasons, massage a small amount of beard oil into your beard so it reaches the skin underneath. 

Don’t over-do it on the oil. While it seems like the perfect solution in reality it is mostly some hydration for the skin and some shine for your beard. If your head slips out of your hand when you’re resting on it - you know you’re using too much oil. 

3. I shall brush my beard once a day 

Arguably the most important part of beard care is brushing. Brushing your beard will help keep it clean and naturally moisturized (by stimulating the skin) as well as styling it. So while brushing can do some of the work of washing and oiling, it doesn’t work the other way around. Brush your beard each day after you get out of the shower after drying it completely (and after applying beard oil). 

And as we wear masks our beards get pressed and generally don’t look or feel great, bringing in a whole new itch. So carry your brush around with you so you can brush your beard during the day (if you’re wearing a mask a lot). 

4. I will keep my beard stylish by trimming with a good trimmer or scissors once a week 

Finally, make sure to regularly trim your beard or have a barber do it for you. First, always trim when the hair is completely dry for a more accurate understanding of length. If you’re trimming with scissors, give your beard a brush to ensure the hairs are in place before trimming. An unkempt, unruly beard is what really differentiates a stylish, handsome, distinguished look from a less-desirable wild beard look. Trimming will not only keep everything looking great but will keep the hairs healthy long-term. 

A good trimmer and scissor is important, to avoid “smashing” the end of the hairs and getting them a clean cut. 

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