What Makes a Gift Amazing?

There are a few secrets to what makes an amazing gift. A great gift is often a hit or miss, we offer someone a gift and discover they already have one of those. Or we just offer them something they asked for and for which they know exactly how much it costs, and if it wasn’t very expensive there’s that “oh thanks” which isn’t wow.

No a great gift, actually an amazing gift is something totally different. We want that surprise effect, the “I didn’t expect that” look in their eyes. Maybe a little bewildered in that they’re discovering something new.

A great gift has a few key elements:

1. Something not expected

The surprise element of a good gift is a key part of making it amazing. If it was just something on the list, they most likely already knew it was coming. They know the price, they know just about everything there is to know about the gift.

And in these days of sharing an Amazon wish list and having everyone buy from the list that may be practical, but it does reduce the emotional impact aspect of it.

So an amazing gift should be something the receiver did not expect.

2. Something useful

That something is useful is a key part of making a great gift. Remember when you gave someone a gift and they kept it in a drawer and never pulled it out. Or you got them a bottle of expensive perfume that you thought was great, which they never wear because it just isn’t them? And compare that to the bottle of perfume you gave to someone which they finished in a year?

And don’t think decoration isn’t useful. The fact that it is on the best shelf every day makes it a great gift as well.

So an amazing gift should be something that gets used frequently.

3. Something that reminds

Let’s not forget why we give gifts in the first place. It is a way to thank the receiver and make them think of us. So a key element of a great gift is that it reminds the receiver of you, in a good way.

If you’ve achieved 1 and 2 then the third point is natural. But most of the time gifts are about point 3 but not necessarily the first two. So one gets either something one expected or something one didn’t expect and doesn’t use (a scented candle that nobody likes).

While they achieve number 3 they don’t really make an amazing gift, they’re just a gift.

Why this works

Remember when someone gave you something at a time when you were not expecting it but really needed it? Remember that feeling of amazement of “how did they know?”

Now try to remember when someone gave you something you didn’t expect, maybe a vinyl of some band you had never heard of, at first you were quite skeptical, gave them the “oh thanks” hug. And after a few weeks of listening to it, realize how amazing the artist is? And then you can’t stop thanking the person for helping you discovered it?

That’s what makes an excellent gift. Think it over a little (but not too much, Christmas is coming).

The Plug

Now here’s where we introduce our beard brushes and explain why they’re an excellent gift. The thing is most people who sport a beard don’t think they need to brush it. In fact they’re more likely to think that beard oil will solve the itch than a brush.

So they rarely expect a good quality brush to really do much for them. It’s not expected. In fact they’ll probably give you that “oh thanks” hug - and that’s totally OK.

The more one uses a beard brush the more one realizes how much of a difference it makes. So people with beard brushes (good quality brushes) end up loving them, taking them to work, having multiple brushes and things like that. And when they look at how much it cleans their face they are often surprised.

So beard brushes are useful.

Our brushes are made in Germany, they’re quality products. They’re designed to last and to make a statement of quality. If one takes good care for it, it will last decades (sorry, nothing lasts forever). But as the user picks it up every morning they’ll be reminded that someone got them that brush.

You could be that someone.

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