Preparing the Boar Bristles - Part 2 of 5

Aside from our vegan brush, our brushes are made using 100% boar bristles. We use boar bristles because they are the stiffest natural bristle and incredibly durable. The effect of the bristles on the skin and with the hair is quite unique. While there have been many attempts to create alternatives we haven’t found any that are as good a boar bristles.

In our vegan brush we use tampico fiber from the agave plant family which is almost as good but not quite the same level of quality and durability as boar bristles.

All our boar bristles are animal byproducts.

Boar bristles arrive in bundles

boar bristles for beard brushes.jpg

The bristles arrive in bundles and has been sorted by thickness and length. The bristles are the natural color. They are boiled to clean them of any impurities and bundled.

White boar bristles are the same bristles but they have been bleached. To keep our products as environmentally friendly as possible we have not used white bristles as it is just another source of chemicals that can have a negative effect on the environment.

Bristles are trimmed

trimming boar bristles for brushes.jpg

Once the brushes have been checked they are trimmed to the right length. Each bundle is checked by hand and then run through the trimmer, much like a beard trimmer but much larger and stronger.

The bristles are trimmed top and bottom to have a clean length and finish on both sides.

Trimmed Bristles are ready

trimmed boar bristles for brushes.jpg

The washed, sorted and trimmed bristles are now ready to be sent to the tufting section where they will be loaded into the tufting machine that drills the hole into the brush and inserts the bristles.

When inserted into a brush the bristles are folded in two to the length you see here is double the length that will be available in the brush.



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